Why Change How Your Business Uses Energy?

Smart. Key incentives available to business translate into a capital improvement with a very positive total return. Making the smallest changes can save your company big. No matter if you are adding a solar system or switching to energy efficiency lighting, Standard Energy Solutions (SES) will help you find the right state or federal programs, and products to help maximize your business’s energy.

Cost effective. Energy efficiency is vital for your workplace. From warehouses to traditional office buildings, energy efficiency measures can give your business lower operating costs and make it more comfortable. Utilizing years of commercial/industrial energy experience, SES will provide a strategic energy analysis to help you identify all energy retrofits needed for your business.

Stable. Using solar will provide predictability to your electricity costs. Designed and built for a 30+ year operational life, a solar system will generate consistency and protect against peak consumption.

Sustainable. More than ever it is important for companies to be innovative and think about the impact they are having on the environment. When you choose to become energy efficient and select energy alternatives such as solar, you send a message that you are committed to creating a better future for generations to come and that the world is important to you and your business.

Energy savings for businesses

What Is the Process?

Our number one goal is to make sure that you are aware and understand all of your options and how they can help your business. Once you contact SES, you will meet with an energy consultant who will provide you more information and discuss your goals. Once you establish those goals and a budget, SES will identify the solutions that will work best for your company.

If one of those goals includes a solar solution, SES will start with performing a feasibility study to determine site quality, expected yield and generate a financial analysis. The next step is a thorough site inspection, followed by a complete system design to include; project planning, interconnection plan, structural & electrical review, power production modeling and financial analysis. Upon acceptance, SES will provide a complete solution from permitting, installation, commissioning, utility acceptance to monitoring and maintenance.

Other goals may include addressing the business’s energy efficiency. This will include SES performing a comprehensive audit that will identify areas that need improvement such as poor insulation or outdated lighting systems. SES will manage and perform all retrofits from start to finish with little interruption.

How Your Business Can Save with PACE

Available in a growing number of counties in Maryland and Washington, DC, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) allows property owners to access financing to undertake qualifying energy efficiency and clean energy improvements on their buildings.  The investment is repaid through an additional charge (“assessment”) on their property tax bill.

For a property owner, PACE helps minimize the up-front investment while lowering operating costs and improving the market value of their asset. The PACE program requires that the energy savings from a project exceed the up-front investment. Financing is structured so that energy savings more than offset the additional property assessment.