Financing and Power Purchase Agreements

To own a solar system or perform an energy retrofit is a rare opportunity to save on monthly costs, contribute to the greater good and invest wisely.

For most, solar needs to make sense financially.  Consider the value proposition of solar as an investment in terms comparable to a mutual fund or a stock.  The following characteristics apply to owning a solar PV system:

  • Consistent dividends
  • 8 to 12% ROI
  • Low risk hedge
  • Long term asset, tangible value
  • Predictable
  • No annual fees

Not many investments can offer the fiscal benefits, positively impact the environment and grant a measure of independence like owning solar.  Regardless of the motivation, solar or an energy retrofit will meet and exceed your expectations.

Solar & Energy Efficiency Financing Partners

Admirals Bank
The enhanced SolarPlus loan allows homeowners with a minimum credit score of 680 to realize the full value of federal tax credits and state rebates by combining:

  1. A tax deductible,  secured FHA Title I loan
  2. An unsecured loan that matches the homeowner’s federal tax credit and can be paid off interest and penalty free within the first 18 months of its term
  3. Maximum combined loan amount: $40,000


  • SES Dealer # 81001541
  • 12 Months SAME AS CASH, no interest, minimum monthly payments
  • Bridge loan to recover the incentives

Power Purchase Agreement

Go solar with no upfront costs and benefit by paying a lower cost per kWh compared to the utility company. The commitment to purchase, at a lower rate, the solar power generated from your home’s roof is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The system is owned, insured, and maintained by Sunrun. Sunrun guarantees the solar output each year.  Save money and the planet, simultaneously!

SES is an authorized partner of Sunrun in Maryland.  Sunrun’s model is to collaborate with local, experienced solar integrators for design, installation, commissioning, and service.