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Want to get the most from your solar energy system? Here are 5 ways to improve solar panel output.

Choose the Right Installer

Choose a solar installer who understands how to orient and tilt your solar panels for maximum energy output. South facing panels generate the most energy.

Minimize Shading

Growing trees can encroach on a solar installation and cast shade over solar panels. Keep trees trimmed as needed to minimize shading.

Watch for Debris

Solar panels are designed to let leaves, twigs, and ice fall off naturally; however, obstructions can still occur. Gently remove any debris if you feel comfortable.

Tip: Avoid using abrasive brushes or scrapers on your roof, which can damage solar panels.

Monitor Your System

Regularly check your system’s monitoring software to ensure your system is performing at peak efficiency. At the first sign of trouble, contact your solar contractor.

Consider Battery Storage

Consider adding battery storage to your system. Battery storage stores the excess energy your system generates for later use — rather than sending it back to the power grid.

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