As a solar installation company serving the greater Columbia, MD area, one of the most frequent questions we get asked is “Is my roof suitable for solar?” This question is especially common among business owners with commercial buildings and among homeowners who have low angle or completely flat roofs.

One common misconception about rooftop solar is that you must have a sloped, south facing roof in order to install solar panels. However, flat roofs are often excellent candidates for solar. Here is what you need to know about how solar panels work on a flat roof.

Solar Installation Is Possible on a Flat Roof

Solar installers out there may tell you that solar does not work on a flat roof; however, this is typically because these installers work with limited system designs and equipment types (and therefore are not equipped to install solar on a flat roof.) An experienced solar installation company like Standard Energy Solutions understands how to install solar on a flat roof, as well as which types of equipment are involved.

As you may remember from our last blog post, solar panels should ideally be oriented south and inclined at an angle equal to the latitude where they are located. A flat roof gives your solar contractor the flexibility to install your solar panels at the optimum orientation and angle for maximum energy production.

Flat Roof Solar Installation Costs Rival Those of Sloped Roofs

With a sloped roof, solar installation costs factor in the logistics of having technicians safely climb around a steep roof. By comparison, installing solar on a flat roof can be much simpler. That said, installing solar on flat roof may require specialized equipment, such as angled mounts, to maximize energy production. In general, the cost of installing solar on a flat roof is comparable to that of installing solar on a sloped roof.

One other advantage to installing solar on a flat roof is needing to drill fewer holes in the roof to mount the racking. Sloped roofs always require an attached mounting system, which involves drilling multiple holes. Flat roofs, on the other hand, typically use a weighted ballast system, which involves little to no drilling.

Find Out What Solar Will Look Like on Your Roof

Are you considering solar for your home or business and wondering where to install solar panels on your property? Whether you are looking to install Panasonic, LG, SunPower, or another top brand of solar panels — or you’re just beginning to explore your options — get in touch with the energy experts at Standard Energy Solutions. We work with a number of leading solar panel manufacturers and take pride in designing customized solar solutions for our customers in MD and DC.

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