As home energy experts, we have a lot of Maryland homeowners ask us how they can maximize their solar investment. Whether you already have solar or are considering going solar, it’s important to consider your system options and which options might help you get the most from your system. One system option we recommend to many homeowners in the area is a home battery.

How a Solar Home Battery Works

The sun doesn’t shine at all hours of the day, 365 days a year here in the Mid-Atlantic Region, and that means you need an additional source of power even if you have a solar electric system installed on your home. That is why most solar systems for homes are “grid-tied,” or tied to the local power grid. A grid-tied system uses the energy it generates during peak sunlight hours to power your home and sends excess energy generated back into the power grid for credit from your local utility. Then, at times of low energy production — such as at night or during inclement weather — the system draws on the power grid to provide your home with uninterrupted power.

A grid-tied system reduces your reliance on your local utility significantly, resulting in lower electricity bills; but what if you wanted to keep and later use that excess energy your solar system generated? That’s where a home battery comes in. A home battery connects to your solar system and stores the excess energy your system generates for later use.

Why Add a Home Battery to Your System?

Whether you already have solar panels on your roof or are considering investing in a residential solar energy system, now is a good time to think about the benefits that solar battery storage can offer. A home battery:

  • Further increases your energy independence

  • Minimizes your carbon footprint

  • Can keep your power running during an outage

A home battery may also lower your electricity bills even further, depending on how your local utility fixes its rates. If your local utility charges a higher rate for electricity used in the evening, for example, a home battery can help you save money by providing power in the evening when electricity rates are at their highest.

Get a Customized Solar Solution from Standard Energy Solutions

Considering solar power for your home in the Columbia, Maryland, area? Standard Energy Solutions is your local solar specialist. We’ll help you design the best system for your needs and help you determine if a home battery is a good option for your system. We also offer convenient financing options to help you go solar in a way that suits your budget.

A home battery can boost your energy dependence, reduce your carbon footprint, and more. Call 1 (555) 555-5555 or contact us to learn more.

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