At Standard Energy Solutions, we’re proud to help Maryland homeowners take control over their energy usage and enjoy greater home comfort with smart energy solutions. Whether you’re looking to reduce your home’s energy consumption, prepare your home for solar, or install solar panels on your roof, our team offers the smart solutions you’re looking for.

Why Choose SES Over Other Solar & Energy Efficiency Experts?

We know there are a number of contractors in the DC area who offer energy efficiency and solar installation services. At SES, our mission is to be your partner in helping you achieve your energy goals. Here are just a few things that set us apart from other companies in the area.

Empowering You to Reduce Your Energy Use

We take a comprehensive approach to energy management. Even if you are considering investing in clean solar energy, it’s important to minimize your energy use first. Through smart energy efficiency solutions like insulation, air sealing, upgraded lighting, and high efficiency heating and cooling equipment, we’ll help you use significantly less energy while enjoying greater comfort at home. We’re equipped to complete your retrofit project from start to finish — including the initial energy audit — while ensuring all work adheres to the highest quality standards.

Solar Design & Installation Done Right

At SES, we take our role in the solar industry very seriously. When we come to your home to assess your solar potential, we’ll take the time to conduct a full analysis so we can design the best possible solar solution for your home. If your roof is not suitable for solar, we will advise you on the best alternative options, such as ground or pole mounted solar panels. Our team is with you at every step of the solar process, including engineering and design, installation, financing, and future system maintenance.

A Commitment to Our Customers

Taking control of your energy production and usage is a long-term endeavor. With SES, completing your project is just the beginning of our relationship. We’re here to be your ongoing energy advisor and to help you achieve all of your energy goals — especially as technology and energy policies evolve.

What Our Customers Have to Say

At the end of the day, our customers really do say it best. Here are just a few of the things our past customers have said about us:

“SES is a great company. They installed my entire solar system and replaced my entire circuit panel. They did a fantastic job. They were here again troubleshooting a system failure and put far more time and effort into inspecting all components than I could have ever asked for. They are very nice and very professional. They do great work and they explain a lot of the stuff they are doing and how the systems work so that as a homeowner, I can trust them. They are great and I recommend them to anyone.”

—Stephen H. of Pasadena, MD

“Recently worked with James at SES and they eliminated my high electric bill. I shopped with many companies but they provided the best workmanship and cost to me and my family. I would recommend using their services.”

—Tinuade Oriade

“Got a new roof and solar installation from them.  Lowered my electricity bill down to $8 (lowest it can get).  Great company to work with, I fully recommend them.”

—Richard C. of Crofton, MD

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