“The auditor was very thorough and effective in explaining what he was seeing in my home while he conducted the audit. I was amazed at the significant air leakage from the vertical walls of my home,” Laura said.

Using infrared cameras and other tools, the SES expert used non-invasive techniques to determine several options to make Laura’s home more comfortable while lowering her utility bills.

Laura was presented with her customized assessment report a few days later, so she could choose which improvements she wanted. “The results outlined in Standard Energy Solutions’ report were written so clearly that anyone could understand them.”

Sometimes, investing in a little extra insulation makes all the difference. Laura chose to install insulation in her attic and in her ceilings, as well as spray foam her vertical walls and basement and rim joists. All products were formaldehyde free, flame retardant, and contain no CFC’s, which make her home a safer place. Laura also chose to have her exhaust fan vented properly to reduce moisture, and possibly mold buildup in her attic.

For Laura, dollars make sense. “In August 2010, I paid $244, and in August 2011, I paid $144!” After lowering her utility bill through the home improvements recommended to her by Standard Energy Solutions, Laura decided to invest in a new HVAC unit. Laura shopped around, and then decided SES was the best fit again. She has also recommended our services to her coworkers. From start to finish, SES helped Laura get the facts so she could make the best financial choices for her home upgrades.

“I really like the staff at Standard Energy Solutions. They were quick to respond to all of my questions.” When the results came in, Laura achieved her goals of saving energy while making her home more comfortable as well.

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