After educating himself on several websites and contacting multiple companies, Peter decided that Standard Energy Solutions satisfied his needs. “They were very timely. I have been extremely pleased.”

Standard Energy Solutions helps customers get their rebates and tax incentives, and this made Peter very happy.  “All that paperwork they have handled, it is kind of a maze, so I am glad that Standard Energy Solutions did that.”

With a smile, Peter went on to say that he, “decided to install as many solar panels as my small roof will hold.” Peter’s home is now producing clean energy from his 1.98 kW system and he likes to keep a close eye on it too. “The monitoring system updates every ten minutes and provides data that I can access from any computer through the Internet to see how each panel is performing. It’s a great part of the system.”

At the end of each month, Peter receives an email with his monthly production, which makes for easy tracking. “I’m about five to six kilowatt hours ahead of what they predicted, so I feel they were very accurate,” Peter said. By doing his part, Peter is now getting a higher financial return on investment from his solar system than he would from most stocks or bonds, and at almost no risk. “The rate of return on my solar investment is increasing. It’s not like the stock market, utility rates always go up,” Peter said. He feels good about his contributions to future generations and toward the fight against climate change. “I feel it’s not something I should expect my government to deal with alone. I think everyone needs to do their part.”

When it comes down to it, what is really appealing to Peter is that he is practicing what he preaches. ”We all talk the talk, but I can walk the walk and that is kind of cool.”

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