Finding a full-service solar energy company with the experience to install a system properly and help him apply for the solar tax credits was important.  “The main thing I was looking for was expertise,” John said. Several of the companies he spoke with fell short of those requirements, but Standard Energy Solutions exceeded them — not to mention the estimate that they presented for his installation was less expensive than some of the other quotes he received.

“The experience with Standard Energy Solutions was extremely smooth and so easy. That is what I was looking for—the same kind of experience we want to give our clients. I was very impressed with Standard Energy Solutions,” John said.

But the bottom line is savings—saving his money instead of giving so much of it to the energy company. In only two months, John produced more than 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity with his 3.525 kW system. In addition, as an added benefit, the electricity John has produced has offset over 1,600 pounds of carbon, the equivalent amount of carbon absorbed by about 19 trees.

“Now, I have had the experience of going solar and have a project that I can point to and say, ‘I did this and it works. Here is the kind of savings you can have from this. This makes sense. Now is the time to do it,’ ” John said.

In addition, John is hoping to start a trend in his neighborhood, where big homes and big energy bills abound. His home, he said, is a case study on how low he can get his energy bill. Between the savings and ease of his experience going solar, John said that when speaking with his clients or neighbors, “I’d recommend Standard Energy Solutions. Absolutely.”

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