In 2005, the new home went up, and Don rebuilt with exposure to the sun in mind so that his home could be a candidate for a solar installation. Back then, solar panels were not as affordable as they are today, but Don was willing to wait for his solar home. “I felt as though it was just the way to go,” he said.

When federal tax credit programs began to kick in, Don saw his opportunity and grabbed it. He began researching solar companies and found Standard Energy Solutions on the Internet. Between the company’s professional approach, good references, and strong presentation, Don knew they were the right company for the job.

Standard Energy Solutions installed Don’s almost 6 kW system. The most exhilarating part was when the panels went up and the installers called him over to watch his meter turning backwards—even as the air conditioning units cranked along in the 95 degree heat that day. “I was generating power plus I was putting power back on the grid, so it was really exciting to see that,” Don recalled.

Now, Don can generate his own power, and then some. Within three months, Don had reduced his carbon footprint by more than 2100 pounds. That is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide that about 43 mature trees can absorb in one year.

In addition, Don is already generating cost‐savings. His electric bill went from $150 a month to around $10 a month. With his solar power system in place, Don estimates he will reclaim about $3,500 annually in electricity savings alone—between lower electric bills and solar renewable energy certificates.

For Don, the money he is saving has been the highlight of his solar experience: “Seeing my electric bill at $10 and knowing that I’m generating my own power, driving my own house, providing power to the grid and—in the long run—I’m going to be an energy producer and I’m going to make money on the deal,” Don said.

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