The 6.3 kW system on Jerome’s roof has offset over 4,700 lbs. of carbon dioxide since its installation. While environmental benefits were secondary in his decision to go solar, Jerome started to feel inspired by his shrinking carbon footprint.

“My experience with Standard Energy Solutions told me to keep going,” Jerome said. He decided to make the switch to geothermal, solar hot water and a hybrid hot water heater. Jerome started researching gray water recycling (recycling water from laundry, dishwashing, and other light household activities for irrigation). He also bought energy-efficient appliances, started recycling more, and looked into using LED lights instead of traditional light bulbs. Jerome’s money-saving effort with Standard Energy Solutions made him realize that he also wants to help the environment. “I wanted to change what I was doing on a smaller scale,” he said.

During the first six months of operation alone, Jerome’s system has saved him over $500. To keep the savings going, Jerome went back to Standard Energy Solutions and asked for more panels. About 80 percent of his south-facing rooftop is currently covered with panels. Jerome estimates he is about 70 percent off the grid, but he is aiming for 100 percent.

“I want to use every single bit of rooftop,” he said. “My goal is to always generate more than I’m using. If I can get that house to a net effect of zero, I will be ecstatic.” Jerome, who owns an IT company, likes Standard Energy Solutions’ online monitoring system that enables customers to watch their systems online through a network interface and see exactly how much energy they are saving in real time.

He was also attracted to Standard Energy Solutions’ neat and professional work. He has seen other companies do sloppy work and was drawn to the fact that they pride themselves on clean, aesthetically-pleasing installations. He especially likes that there are no visible wires on his rooftop, and he is impressed with the reliability of their product—particularly its dependability under fierce weather conditions.

“I absolutely love my system,” Jerome said. In fact, Jerome says his entire Standard Solar experience has been such a thrill that he would welcome the chance to do it all over again. Installation day was especially exciting. As the panels went on, the little boy who watched his mother fret over bills growing up would have one less bill to worry about. “I loved the experience,” he said. “I just can’t wait to add some more.”

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