The cost to power your business will not go down. Rates will continue to rise as utility companies invest and maintain a rapidly aging electrical infrastructure to meet a growing demand. Rates fluctuate, however we will all bear the burden, sooner or later. Standard Energy Solutions (SES) provides you options to control your energy.

What Solutions Are Available?

Solar Energy

Going solar is simple. SES is a leader in designing, developing, installing, and maintaining solar systems that generate clean, renewable electricity for many years to come.

Energy Efficiency

SES will perform a comprehensive energy audit of your business and identify where improvements can be made that will reduce energy costs. SES is a one-stop shop, so we will implement all recommendations and manage the project to completion.

Energy Management

Making the most of your solar system or energy retrofit is accomplished with smart monitoring solutions to help track kilowatt hours and dollars.  Emergency power and energy storage options provide a level of safety and security and/or to self-consume the clean energy created and stored.

Thinking about solar?

We're your solar experts.


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Another Happy Customer

"I honestly can't suggest any areas where I saw a need for improvement. You guys were a pleasure to deal with, start to finish. Rarely have I ever come across a business that was as competent, knowledgeable and easy to deal with as Standard Energy Solutions. Keep up the good work!"

Randy S., Silver Spring, MD