Are your bedrooms too hot in the summer? Are you always cold during the winter months? Retrofit projects, such as air sealing and insulation will give you a tighter building envelope, improving comfort while spending less on utilities every month. It all starts with a comprehensive analysis called an energy audit.

The audit report will highlight areas that need improvement and forecast expected savings. As an accredited Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor, SES is proud to provide energy solutions for homeowners throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  As a BPI Accredited Contractor, SES can be trusted to perform your home energy audit and retrofits to the highest standard.

After the audit is complete, SES will provide a list of solutions that could include:

  • Blown-in fiberglass insulation
  • Vent baffles
  • Foam sealant
  • Upgraded lighting options including recessed lighting
  • Attic tent or attic hatch upgrade
  • High efficiency replacement options for your home’s furnace, boiler, heat pump, air conditioning unit, and/or water heater

Standard Energy Solutions (SES) manages the retrofit project from start to finish, ensuring a high level of quality, resulting in a more comfortable, cost effective, and healthier living environment.

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"I had been thinking about having an energy audit performed for a while. I saw that people had good experiences with Standard Energy Solutions and the price was very affordable—this is what really pushed us to move. The energy audit and efficiency upgrades help you address your impact on the... Read More

Ben L. & Alison S., Pikesville, MD