Monitoring Solutions

Your home consumes electricity constantly; day, night, weekends, holidays. This fast moving commodity can be harnessed with the right technology. SES monitoring systems will help you track, measure, and quantify the electricity you consume, generate or store.  Put the information at your fingertips.

Performance Yield.  A homeowners SES Solar PV system is designed to generate clean solar power for many years. The energy and savings the system produces can be measured in real time with the ability to track historical performance using a SES production monitoring platform. The data is at your fingertips. Check it daily or monthly; your clean, renewable kilowatts will be accounted for.

Fault Detection. Our monitoring technology is programmed to provide our SES Service team email alerts to an event a system may be experiencing. Troubleshooting can be accomplished remotely to save time and quickly address any issues. Our goal is to maximize your system uptime.

Oversight. Have you ever questioned the cost of your monthly electric bill or if the meter is working properly? Our consumption monitoring tracks your utility usage to ensure all your kilowatts are accounted for. Never speculate or guess again, consumption monitoring is a valuable tool, with or without solar.

Protection.  Emergency power in the form of a battery bank can be monitored to provide critical status updates on the state of the system.   Get insight in the system’s state of charge(SOC), time remaining and charge cycles. The monitoring system measures the health of batteries by displaying voltage, current, amp hr, and temperature to help ensure long and efficient life.

Backup Power and Storage

Safe & Sound. It is difficult to put a value on safety and security. Emergency, standby power in the form of a battery and/or generator system can provide a level of protection. By law, grid-tied solar shuts down during grid failure unless a storage system exists.  An optional battery system will allow your solar to operate and energize dedicated loads, automatically.

Independence. A small-scale power grid that can operate independently or in conjunction with the area’s main electrical grid is the definition of a Microgrid. A grid-tied solar PV system with battery storage and optional generator puts you in control of your energy; day, night, utility present or not.

Experience. This concept may be cutting edge for some but not for Standard Energy Solutions. We have over 7 years experience designing, installing and maintaining backup power systems, providing  our customers with the safety and security they were in search of.  Backup systems can be retrofitted to your home’s existing solar system or integrated from the start.

The Future. In addition to the benefits this system provides, Distributed Generation and storage can provide value in the form of resiliency and frequency regulation to the grid.  This is an evolving market and SES will provide guidance and expertise to maximize value for our customers.

Take control of your energy.

Energy management from SES!


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