Memberships and Affiliations

Standard Energy Solutions (SES) is proud to be affiliated with the below organizations. They are great resources for information and education relating to the industry that they serve.

Community Involvement

SES is committed to helping the less fortunate and supporting the communities that they live and work in. SES and its team members enjoy volunteering and giving back as much as they can. Some of their activities include:

  • Civic Works/Retrofit Baltimore: SES partnered with Retrofit Baltimore to provide less fortunate individuals with job training. The new skills would allow these individuals to better be suited in finding jobs within a new industry.
  • Gary Sinese Foundation (GSF): SES partnered with SEED Homes to design, build and commission a solar PV system for a home operated by the GSF.  The system will help reduce the foundation’s operating costs and aid their mission in helping veterans in need.