As your long-term partner in the generation of clean energy, Standard Energy Solutions (SES) is here to help ensure your system is maintained and running properly. Our Service team is ready to support you and ensure the system’s uptime. We will represent your interests in working with equipment manufacturers and their warranties. Our sophisticated monitoring system allows our team to diagnose issues with your system. If you are having any problems, please give us a call at


or email us at

Please note that even though your solar system requires no regular or routine maintenance, we recommend the following:

  • Keep any shading to a minimum. Trim vegetation if necessary. Check that the solar array is not being shaded between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. by vegetation or building structures – about once every winter and summer, if possible.
  • If easily accessible, check the surface for debris, dirt, or severe soiling from bird droppings. It is not necessary to regularly clean the module glass, as seasonal rains should wash away most normal soiling, but you may choose to do so. To clean module surfaces, you should remain on the ground and spray the glass with water from a hose.


SES offers on-site, complete system inspections to ensure peak performance and review of panel and inverter mounting, racking, and key electrical connections. Whether you prefer the inspection once a year or every three years, we will accommodate you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your investment.


Not having luck getting help from your solar company? The Service team at SES can support your system regardless of who installed it. We are committed to the solar industry and to helping your solar shine! Give us a call or contact us for more information.

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