Comprehensive. Our primary objective is to listen, evaluate, and provide solutions to help our customers achieve long term success. At Standard Energy Solutions (SES), we will attack your energy use with the most efficient and cost effective tools available. Solar tends to garner the majority of attention, but any home or business should employ basic efficiency measures in advance of, or in conjunction with solar. The simplest and most cost effective path to savings is to use less.

Responsible Design. The solar resource of any home or building is extremely unique. Many times, solar is not justified due to shading, roof obstructions, and orientation. All of us at SES take our responsibility of designing and installing systems to the highest level of integrity and code of ethics. We will spend the extra time and resources to perform onsite shade analysis’ to confirm a building’s solar resource or simply refuse to place panels oriented and sloped away from direct sunlight. This is a responsibility we have to ourselves, to our customers and to the solar industry.

Committed. The actions taken by our customers to positively impact their lives and the world are ongoing, long-term endeavors. SES understands this and is committed to stand alongside our customers to ensure their success.  The partnership starts at project implementation and is just the beginning of the relationship. Supporting what we sell is paramount. System operation and uptime is our Service team’s primary goal. As technology, regulations and energy policy change, our goal is to be your energy advisor, providing you the solutions and guidance to navigate and maximize value.


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