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Complete Energy Independence for a New Odenton Home

Odenton, MD

The owner of this new home in Odenton, Maryland came to us after hearing about our experience with solar and battery storage. He had recently helped his parents go solar and knew what to consider in a new solar energy system. He had also done extensive research on energy storage and wanted a Sonnen storage system, as Sonnen batteries are known for their resilience and durability. Battery storage would protect him and his family from the inconvenient outages they had been experiencing and give them the freedom to charge their hybrid vehicles even during an outage.

Solar Installation 1.98 KW - Pete C.

Bethseda, MD

Peter Caulkins talked the talk every day at work, but he wanted to walk the walk as well. An employee of the Environmental Protection Agency, Peter feels, “Climate change is not just something you read about in the papers. It is something I am experiencing and incurring costs for on a personal level. It has been easy to see the changes, locally we have had much more intense winters and rain or snow events—I have suffered a lot of damage.”

Peter decided to take action. First, he began riding a bike to work. Next, he increased his home’s efficiency by adding insulation. “Becoming more self reliant is really very gratifying,” Peter said. He then looked into a solar installation.

Solar Installation 3.52 KW - John T.

Darnestown, MD

Residential Design Build Contractor, John Tabor wanted to be able to recommend solar energy to his customers.  “I believe very strongly in solar,” he said. “But, unless I’ve done it, I can’t really talk about it or recommend it. How much will it really reduce my electricity?  How easy is it to get it installed?  How easy is the process of getting the tax credits and the grants?”

As President of Rockville, Maryland based Tabor Design Build, John practices what he calls, “stress-free remodeling.”  John believes the best way to help his clients make decisions about their renovations is to put himself in their shoes.  Therefore, John decided to install a solar electric system on his own house.

Solar Installation 5.98 KW - Don F.

Elkton, MD

Don Foot always knew that someday he would go solar, but it took an act of nature to get him there. Nestled along the Elk River, Don’s humble hunting cabin had been in his family for generations. Unfortunately, his 600‐square‐foot home had been flooded more than a dozen times since the 1920s and Don knew that someday a big storm would wipe the place out.

Turns out, he was right. In 2003, Hurricane Isabel swept through and left 20 inches of water in the family home. There was no way to save the house, so Don decided to tear it down and rebuild it with solar in the back of his mind. “When I designed the house over 10 years ago, I thought solar would be the wave of the future,” he said.

Solar Installation 4.03 KW - Ken R.

Fort Washinton, MD

Ken Rimestead was paying $195 a month for his electric bills, and he was getting tired of it. When he found out his four-bedroom Fort Washington home was a good candidate for a solar system, he hired Standard Energy Solutions to install 22 panels on his home’s south facing roof. Within a few months, instead of paying the utility company, Ken received a check for electric his panels produced.

“I wanted to find a way to save money that would help me in the long run,” Ken said. “Electricity isn’t getting any cheaper, and through solar, I found a way to offset that cost.”

Solar Installation 6.3 KW - Jerome S.

Frederick, MD

Jerome Smith remembers growing up in Gaithersburg, Maryland and his mom—a single mother raising two boys—always worrying about the bills. He also remembers when he was in junior high school and saw solar panels for the first time. “I thought, ‘wow, if we had that we wouldn’t have to pay bills,’ ” Jerome said.

It’s no surprise that as an adult, Jerome decided to put solar panels on his own roof to battle rising energy costs. Standard Energy Solutions installed 35 panels on Jerome’s Frederick, Maryland home. Jerome, who modified his roof to accommodate more panels, saw his energy bills drop from hundreds of dollars to about $60 in a hot summer month.

Energy Audit and Retrofit - Laura B.

Olney, MD

Not all home improvements give equal return on investment, and Laura Bradshaw wanted the most bang for her buck. Formerly an energy auditor for Montgomery County, Laura knew she needed all the facts before replacing her aging home heating and air conditioning unit. "I wanted to get an idea of what part a new HVAC system would play in the overall energy efficiency of my home," Laura said.

A friend recommended Standard Energy Solutions to Laura after he had a positive experience installing a solar electric system with them. Laura made one call and an expert came to her home when it was convenient for her.

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