We want to reward you for helping your friends and family save on their energy costs.

When you refer friends, family, or a neighbor to Standard Energy Solutions (SES), they can benefit from reduced energy costs and comfort in their homes, just as you have. Refer a friend to us and you’ll get rewarded — just another way your solar or energy efficiency investment can continue to reward you!

With the SES Referral Program, there are three ways to get rewarded:

  1. When you refer a friend to SES for an Energy Efficiency retrofit project, receive $150.

  2. When you refer a friend to SES who goes solar, receive $400.

  3. Donate your bonus to Global Solace or Solar Electric Light Fund. SES is proud to support these organizations who help provide clean, renewable solar energy to people in remote regions of the world without access to electricity. Read more about these organizations at www.globalsolace.org and www.self.org.

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